10 Things Smart People Never Say In Public. [Self-introspection in Covid-19]

Things people never say in public
(Last Updated On: May 13, 2020)

10 things I wouldn’t do as a decent human being and here is why.

Hi readers, I know you guys are thinking about that why I go off track with my blog. As there is suppose to be content like “How to”, “Tips & tricks” or something like “Scenario of SEO” etc.

But due to being in lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic and “working from home” for a long time. I am self introspecting myself while sitting at home that what if a man looks down on the current scenario as a changing situation for the whole of mankind.

What things come to our minds as well-wisher?

You don’t have to be a saint to do good, usually, all that’s required are small thoughtful gestures you can easily incorporate in your daily life – being polite, helping others, value the mother nature, greeting people or just smiling more – let’s be honest some of this stuff is pretty obvious.

All the mentioned small deeds are the need of the hour for all.

But what about the opposite?

What are some of the absolute NO-NOs for anyone wanting to live a decent life?

Things intelligent people never say in public
Things Intelligent People Never Say To Anyone

It is almost closing bells for the year 2020 and if your 2021 resolution is to become a better person, then do check out my list of things that what I have decided to stop doing RIGHT NOW! Don’t worry I won’t repeat the 10 commandments though that’s a good list to follow too.

  1. Lie
Truth & Lies
Truth & Lies

Decency is akin to honesty. I have caught people lying to me – at work and in my personal life – and to be honest, I can never forget it! Even with friends and family, the episode remains at the back of my mind – always. I don’t want to be someone whom people distrust and catch lying (because liars always get caught).

2. Hold on to my money too tightly

We have come into this world naked and will go out the same way. Miserly behavior is very off-putting and is a guaranteed way to lose your friends. No one ever became poor by helping others, and I plan to practice giving what I can comfortably part with.

3. Being Impatient

I finish people’s sentences, roll my eyes and fidget – all the time. I find slow people boring. It’s not nice and my behavior is not only very rude but also limits me from making new friends. Imagine what interesting nuggets I might have heard if only I had listened patiently.

4. Staying silent when something wrong is happening

Half the problems in the world grow big when we don’t nip them in the bud. Standing aside and letting something wrong happen makes us complicit in the act. I have done this in the past – walked by and put it out of my mind. Now I have pledged to stop and help.

5. Playing politics at work

Playing Politics At Work
Playing Politics At Work

I am not a political person, but I don’t like conflict. So, I have been guilty of going with the flow in the past. I aligned my self with groups in office politics, even when it was wrong. I always told myself –its work, you have to be a bit cunning. I am wrong! I might have fewer friends, and I might have to eat lunch alone – but like I said earlier, its work, not school.  

6. Steal

Decent people do not steal. Period. For me personally, I am not talking about holding up a bank or shoplifting; stealing someone’s work or ideas is also stealing; inflating your office cab bill is stealing, and spreading gossip to take someone’s friends and reputation is also stealing.

7. Complaining and cribbing

Not sure if not complaining makes you more decent, but it certainly makes you a happier person to be around. I am not saying stick a smile on your face when you are down, but try to cultivate a more positive outlook. It takes time and practice to change how your mind is wired and practicing positivity will certainly make you a better person.

8. Being a people pleaser

When you try to do things to make someone else (like your boss) happy you are essentially doing something you don’t want to do. This is OK for small stuff like ordering Chinese instead or Italian. But if the urge to be the good guy in the room becomes uncontrollable, it might lead you down paths that could be hurtful for you and others and maybe even downright illegal.

9. Refusing to help others

Never pass by a beggar without helping!

We are conditioned to look the other way and to leave someone hungry and cold without help is not only indecent it’s not even human.

But it doesn’t just have to be someone in dire need, small acts of helpfulness are equally important!

10. Being Unkind

Lastly, be kind. The world is a harsh place; everyone is dealing with their own problems and demons. A kind word, a smile, or a small helpful gesture will certainly help them – even if it’s just for a few minutes.

11. Procrastination?

Habit of procrastination
Ways To Overcome Procrastination Forever

Last but not least is the procrastination on the list.

As we procrastinate miscellaneous or some of the important tasks in our day-to-day schedule.

We come across being on a list of lazy people who are intelligent in making excuses with themselves which ultimately becomes a habit in our lives.

Does all this seem too complicated to practice?

Or maybe it’s just too simplistic? After all, my list doesn’t include anything you don’t already know.

Forget all this, if you have to keep one thing in mind then just remember these words – Treat others as you would want them to treat you!That’s really all you need to keep you on the straight road to heaven.

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