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When you need to write regular posts for your website, blog or press releases for your business or personal blog, it can be challenging to come up with new ideas for content every single day. When this situation arises, it can be easy to get stuck in a sinkhole and stick to churning out the same kinds of posts week after week.

If you are a blogger writing especially for businesses, not knowing what to write about is arguably an even bigger problem. There’s a lot riding on your content. You know that content marketing is your backbone for creating leads and one of the best players, but what should you be writing about exactly?

Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

Clearly, you can’t just pluck a topic out of thin air. You need inspiration, curiosity and creative ideas. You’re desperate for content ideas for your website.

And the more you stress, the worse it gets.

So, if you have a touch of writers’ block or need help finding a wider variety of things to give to your blog readers, here are some great ideas.

Blog Ideas

# Tell The Story Of How You Started Up

Explaining why and how you started your business or blog can be both interesting and inspirational. It’s also good for getting the message to your online readers about your version of the story, brand values and getting new customers on board.

# Read Blogs in Your Industry For Ideas

I’m not encouraging ripping off other people’s ideas nor copying their content from another established site in your niche. Because of the search engines’ algorithmic approach to reducing content spam, this would only penalize your site.

Instead, use these ideas and add your own set of commentary on the subject. You can also take an excerpt of a well-written article then elaborate it accordingly. Take the topic and discuss whether you agree or disagree and why. Provide your own references, sources, data and/or examples to support your thoughts.

# Transform Your Old Content

If you’re struggling to come up with decent topics for articles, why not see if you can improve the posts you’ve already published?

If you’ve been producing content on your business website for quite a while, then it doesn’t take long to gather a sizeable archive of old blog articles.

What can you do about all those old posts, the ones that are past their best?

It seems a waste to leave old pages for rotten, so don’t give up on them too soon.

With a few little tweaks, you can completely transform your old and popular posts into killer pieces of content that attract even more traffic, leads and customers than before.

Bonus Tip – Try to write articles on the content which remains evergreen with the pass of time.

# Write a How-to Article

How-to articles are one of the most frequently used techniques for content marketing. Comparative to another general category type “how to” blog posts are having more audience acquisition. Visitors read them because they are genuinely helpful, fact-finding based and this establishes you as an expert in your selective field. Probability is that you’ll get more email subscribers and increased customer loyalty if you have a bundle of this stuff.

Apart from ‘how to’ some other category types to write articles are:

Enter terms like the below and keep the quotation marks intact at the end:

“help with”

“need help”

“tips on”

“advice with”

“question about”

“support with”

You’ll be met with common help points that your audience is facing.

# Write a Long-Form, Detailed Guide

The average length of an article on Google’s first page results is over 2000 words, so one thing for sure that detailed posts can do miracles for your SEO. These exponential articles are also very helpful for users who browse our site. Think of ‘Ultimate guide to…’ or ‘Beginners’ guide to…’ articles. Always use videos/images to illustrate your ideas.

Check this out the below-written article on ‘The Beginners’ Guide to Make Money Online Without Investment’ of a massive 5500 words which give me instant ranking on search engines.

100+ Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment

# Get Some Idea From Quora

Quora is a wonderful Q&A site that features questions with descriptive answers from individual and agency members containing facts, opinions and amusing stories that are voted on by Quora members by giving upvotes.

Here’s how you find blog content on Quora:

  • Go to Quora.com.
  • Type your topic into the search bar situated on the top. Quora will show you a suggestion list of common topics either already asked or more populated.
  • The results page will list popular questions related to the searched topic, stats of question and open (unanswered) questions. These unanswered questions are an excellent opportunity to identify topics for your blog to write about. It’s likely that others out there have the same set of queries.
  • Answer an unanswered question if you have an idea on Quora (optional).
  • Take your answer and transform that same content into your awesome blog post.

# Give Something Away

Everyone loves a freebie, so writing a post which involves competition among the audience with lucrative gifts to winners like product giveaway or even offering a special flash deal is bound to squeeze attention. In return, you can ask visitors to sign up for emails or like you on Facebook.

# Google Search Box Suggestions

When you search anything on Google search engine then while typing its intelligent search algorithm shows predictions to you related to typed query. Some of the suggestions can be ridiculous, but others can give you clues about what people are searching for.

And at the bottom of the Google ranking results page, it will also show you ‘Searches related to’ the particular topic. All that can clue you into what you could be covering in your new article will benefit you.

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