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(Last Updated On: May 31, 2020)

Whether you are an entrepreneur, student, homemaker or are into any such profession information in the form of videos are the most useful way of learning new things or promoting your products and services. Nowadays people prefer videos more than other ways of promotions.

How Video Submission Sites can be Beneficial

Video sharing sites are very helpful to build brand awareness among various dimensions of audiences out there. It also benefits you in creating high-quality backlinks by submitting your videos to the top video submission sites.

There are many free video sharing sites to share your video content. YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing and streaming site. But in this article, we have listed many other websites where you can share videos free of cost and having large viewership which can attract to the offered content via video streaming.

Benefits of Video Submission

As compared to written content in the form of document, presentation, and images, a video can prove the real value of your brand. In fact, it is the most engaging form of marketing that can give you more than 70% of the viewer success rate and audience acquisition. It is expected that this method is going to acquire maximum engagement methods by the end of 2020 in retaining viewership at bay. So there is no need to take a backseat and launching a personalized content for your brand which is having no surety of clicking by the online audience.

Some of the most common reasons why having a video content would be a good idea include –

  • People are reluctant to read long blog posts.
  • As compared to textual content, videos feed its viewers with minimal efforts.
  • An enticing video is having more audience touch points than a simple article post.
  • Interesting videos receive instant likes and shares which do viral marketing for itself.
  • People have special likeness towards socially viral videos.
  • The video advertisement is more compatible with laptops and Android smartphones.
  • A single shot video is worth 1.8 million words.

In fact from the SEO point of view, a video submission website can enormously improve your ranking on searches and ultimately bears annual profit. So just shoot your video and submit it to a deserving website and get benefited right away from the beginning.

40+ High DA Free Video Submission Sites List 2018


No. Video Sharing Sites list  Page Rank
1 9
2 9
3 8
4 8
5 8
6 7
7 7
8 7
9 7
10 7
11 7
12 7
13 7
14 7
15 7
16 7
17 7
18 7
19 6
20 6
21 6
22 6
23 6
24 6
25 6
26 6
27 6
28 6
29 6
30 6
31 6
32 6
33 5
34 5
35 5
36 5
37 5
38 5
39 4
40 3


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