How I Made Whopping $6000 online through SEO from my client in the USA?

How To Earn Money Online Through Freelancing
(Last Updated On: August 23, 2019)

Brief summary about myself

I am an SEO analyst currently working on my personal blog from the past 2+ years.

I started my online journey as a part-time blogger by chance. It was the year 2016 when I worked for an LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) company in my hometown.

My colleague who was an active enthusiast as a (Blogger, Content Writer & so-called SEO Expert) and working for his own personal blog & a shared blog which help him earned 5 digits passive income from it.

Passive Income Source

One day during our leisure time in office, he suggested me to start my own blog. But at that time I have no idea of blogging and not having much interest in writing some interesting content on the routine basis which fetches online audience from around the world.

And he told me that in return as the blog grows slowly I will be also eligible for making some passive income out of it like through placing Ads on my blog or starting Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing and so forth.

After thinking for a couple of days, I decided to start my own personal blog. Then after not much research about the guidelines to start a blog or promote anything online, I purchased a domain name and a server space from one of the well known hosting company i.e. Godaddy.

A blunder in Blogging made by me which seizes my blog for a lifetime 😞

There I did one of the biggest blunders by buying a trademark name of one of the biggest microblogging site (Twitter).

Another mistake in the form of blunder I did that I created a logo with the same registered logo (Bird symbol) unintentionally with the motive to make my blog viral online in short spam. But all this landed me into the biggest lawsuit in India.

While running a blog and do some promotion on it to make it visible to the online audience. One of the readers of my blog informed/flag my unethical activity to the Twitter India Inc. team.

And within a week I formally received a legal notice via email and courier directly to my home address. Below is the excerpt from the legal notice which I received from a well-known law firm based in New Delhi on behalf of their client Twitter India.

A lawsuit with Twitter Inc USA for my Blog
A lawsuit with Twitter Inc USA for my Blog

Basically, they want me to withdraw with my online running blog and asked me to give them ‘Authorization Code’ that I am giving all my blog rights to their client Twitter India.

After consulting all this with my cyberlaw expert friend, I do as told by their law firm.

Starting my own blogging journey again 👍 

After researching for several months about starting my own blog afresh, I thought of buying a domain name with no relevancy & intention to any trademarked word/name/company or phrase.

There comes a word in my subconscious mind i.e. (GYAN + NOW) which through my belief means that ‘the knowledge which is instantly available’.

I started my own website in June 2017 after learning from my past mistakes because you learn lessons of a lifetime from the blunders you do while learning. This all is a part of life.

Publishing an article post 📰

If you are new to the blogging world then believe me that never ever jump to this profession if you don’t have patience in you.

Running a blog is seems to look easy but maintaining the same pace throughout the blogging journey needs dedication, efforts, time and most importantly the hunger to learn new things.

Always treat blogging as your hobby like other hobbies – Cycling, reading a book, gardening, cooking, etc. It comes from within not by enforcing yourself to do the same.

My encounters to success in the blogging world 🙌

“Man is a social animal by nature.” As a human being, we have also some preliminary requirements which prove that we are humans by nature.

One of that such condition is channelizing with other people online through methods like social networking, dating someone online or running your own blog.

While publishing the article for my blog in my initial days, I think that blogging is just a waste of time like rubbing hands in the cold summer night. But as time passed and you improve yourself as a blogger from your mistakes, this scenario changes rapidly day-by-day.

One day while checking through my blog emails, I encountered through the below-given email which reads like ‘Article contribution request’ from a well-known international blogger.

Then slowly I realize the real power of blogging. Apart from thinking all the time to earn from my blog.

The law of nature is clear and well versed that:

“What we give to the world always comes back to us manifold”.😇

Article contribution request by a freelance blogger
Article contribution request by a freelance blogger

After a couple of days, I received an email from McGraw-Hill Education, London. It is a permission request to re-use an image from my blog in a new edition of their market-leading textbook ‘Foundations of Marketing’ by John Fahy and David Jobber.

Image permission request
Image permission request

Exactly after 1 year and 3 months from publishing my first blog post, I come through the email from a well known US-based design agency for a partnership request.

Partnership request
Partnership request

With time and efforts slowly & gradually my blogging skills are boosted like a pro rocket launcher. Now my website is gaining organic ranking on various search engines like Google.

All the instances which I have shared with you i.e. Article contribution requests, image reuse request by a big book publisher or partnership contracts offered to me by big corporate houses are the outcome of the time which I invested in making this blog a happening place.

Sponsored post request
Sponsored post request

Lastly, for your reference, I am even sharing the payment made to me by my US-based client for starting a project with him related to website development and SEO just from my blog.

He even appreciates my writing skills and sent me an appreciation email separately. Although my website template is too boring lol😃.

Check payment from the overseas client in the USA
$6000 Check payment from the overseas client

My bit of advice to the budding bloggers 💡

Whether you are just thinking or about to start your own personal blog, never ever go with the thinking of earning a passive income from your blog in the first instance (early days of blogging).

Instead, be patient with your writing skills and try to enhance your skills starting from hosting a website to promoting it by yourself to gain some good search engine rankings.

The mistake most bloggers commit in their initial days is that they go with the idea of making huge bucks from the blog and slowly they realize that this idea won’t be working anyway. And this will lead to desperation in maintaining the blog further which ultimately loses once motivation.

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