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From the year of its establishment, YouTube has grown to a platform where it has become wherewithal for people just not confining to showcase their talent but also to earn a handsome sum. With the increasing popularity of YouTube among masses from searching for tutorials to entertaining videos, people have made it as part of their professional life. But it is not easy as pie because this platform has some rules and norms on how one should be paid. Anyone with valid identity can have their account on YouTube to view the stuff but when it comes to reaching other people through your own content a separate channel has to be made where your earning depends on two major factors:



Number of Subscribers

Subscribers are the main prerequisites of your earnings on YouTube. It is the norm that a channel should have 1000 norms. A person can gain views from his or her videos but making them to subscribe your channel is quite tough. With a particular type of content ‘one’ has to reach the masses because not everyone has the same taste

How to Start Vlogging on YouTube and Get More Views
How to Get More Views on YouTube

Watch Time

Watch time is the time that is counted when a video is viewed by subscribers. The guidelines of YouTube say that it should be 4000 hours that is 2 lac 40k minutes. This time is taken into account when viewers start watching the video.

Attaining these two conditions is very difficult especially when each and every channel is taken into account by YouTube itself once they are fulfilled.
Technology has made it very easy for this company to find if a channel is having genuine subscribers or fake ones. Moreover, watch time is completely viewed where a person operating the channel himself cannot increase its watch time by viewing the video again and again.

Monetization (YouTube Partner Program)

Make Money With Vlogging
Make Money With Vlogging

Monetization starts when you sign a YouTube partner program where one becomes entitled to pre-roll advertisements that are paid one. With a certain number of clicks on an advertisement, an amount is paid to channel head. All these revolve around the number of viewers and watch time.

Few major keys and crucial tips for increasing earnings on YouTube:

  • Stick to a single theme –

Do not switch in between different themes. Choose an area for content so as to make it clear what kind of content you want to upload and it will not confuse subscribers thus increasing their number.

  • Average length –

To increase watch time, your video should be in between five to fifteen minutes where less than that will not be effective to increase and more than that will be boring as beans.

  • Frequency of Uploading –

Keep on uploading at least one video in two days to bind your subscribers to your channel. Seldom doing will not increase the subscribers

  • Timing of conveying the important idea –

One must convey the important theme in the end because conveying the major idea, in the beginning, will certainly have a negative impact on watch timing whereby viewers will leave the video in between. Also, keep on telling the viewers to watch the video till the end as mere these words have a positive impact.

  • Diversifying the View –

Try to provide a different view in a video to retain the attention of those who are watching and to reduce boredom.

Collaborating with Brands or with other similar accounts

This is quite an effective way to earn money by endorsing or collaborating your videos with other channels or brands where they promote your videos and increasing your subscribers. These are paid partnerships that lead to profitable dealings.

Selling your videos

Blogging is easy until it is done professionally whereby an easy way to make money is by selling your videos. Doing this can legally entitle other people to upload their video after paying you a sum and afterward make him the owner of your video.

Making Patreon Account

This method of making money is quite tricky as nobody will pay you for what they can get free. In this each time you will upload a video, your subscriber will donate something for it. This basically involves social cause or sometimes funny too.

Hiring advertisers and marketers to your account

This link between two is an important source of income where marketers study the demographic trend and link it with the type of advertisings that attracts a certain age group. With this viewers increase on your videos and provides you excellent income sources.

Undoubtedly Blogging is not easy and influencing each and every follower makes a count. With so many forces that drive the interest on an individual, increasing subscribers is not at all easy. Smart tips as well as hard work is necessary to make money from YouTube.

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