How To Make Passive Income Through Blogging

How To Make Passive Income By Blogging
(Last Updated On: October 15, 2019)

What is blogging and how does it work?

Blogging in Common Parlance refers to writing a log on the web which in simple words means writing on web to gain publicity. Blog in itself is an informative website or a page that can be used for promotional purposes wherein the blogger can post the day to day activities, write on a topic or a product for promoting it and earn money. It may include the content in the form of text, photos or videos but while posting the content as a blog the blogger has to be very sure about the quality of the content. The content should be simple and eye-catching so that the reader/viewer does not get bored. These days the people are very much dependant on the bloggers and rely on the bloggers to buy any new product, in the same way, Companies are also using this new source of promotion through the bloggers to grab the attention of the people. The significance of the blog, on the whole, is to target the customers and connect them to the Suppliers of the products.

how to make money with blogging
How to make money with blogging


The concept of blogging has come into place in recent years due to growth in social media and marketing. The Bloggers are gaining trust through their blogs by posting relevant and popular content. Many people started this as a leisure tool whereas with a better understanding of the blogging concept the bloggers have learned to earn money through blogging. They have started building their pages by posting fascinating and appealing content in order to increase the followers/subscribers. Once they have earned the trust and gained the followers they use ways to earn money through their blogs.

How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners

There are several criteria or ways to earn money through blogging. To put light on some of them they are explained below.

  • Registering on Google AdSense-Once a blogger registers on AdSense he/she can earn money through displaying ads at a very low maintenance cost. All a blogger has to do in this is to get the AdSense account approved. A code is given to a blogger which he/she has to add on his website, post which the ads will start displaying on the page. The income of the blogger will depend on the number of people who view the ads.
  • Targeting the audience through direct advertising of the product A blogger can advertise and promote a product/service by speaking out the benefits of the product/service and charge the amount for advertising and promoting the product/service from the company. For this, the blogger needs to have quite a large number of followers /subscribers. The blogger can use “Hire me” or “Work with me “options on their pages for such sort of services.
  • Making money through affiliate Marketing- A Blogger can even make money through affiliation if he/she has a good chunk of viewers to view his page. All a blogger has to do in this is to promote the products and earn a commission. This can be done by putting links in the descriptions. This concept is all about driving the customers towards the affiliate products and whenever someone purchases the product through the link on the blogger’s page, the blogger is paid commission for the same. The best way to promote in such cases is that the blogger can himself/herself use the product and be sure about the quality.
  • Earning through Newsletters– This concept is not very common in bloggers but is still finding the place. Once a blogger has outreached a large number of audiences to tap he /she can start his/her own newsletter for which a charge can be levied to the person who subscribes to the newsletter. The charge can be monthly, one time or yearly as per the convenience of the blogger but once the person subscribes for the newsletter the blogger has to be very active and consistent in sending the newsletters and the content should also be apt as per the requirements of the public in large.
  • Sponsorships-A blogger can also earn money through sponsoring a product. It works the same as for the TV shows and other advertisements on TV. A blogger gets paid for promoting the product by talking about the product
  • Through Reviews- The bloggers can even earn by writing reviews. All they have to do is to write a positive review of the product for which they get paid. The renowned bloggers are having a good command over the audience; as a result, the general public buys the product promoted by these bloggers through positive reviews. They are the ones who earn the most by writing positive reviews.

Apart from the above, there are still many other ways for bloggers to make money. In a country like India where we have a very influential public, it is not a very difficult task for a blogger to grow in the fast-growing social media environment. The bloggers these days are treated as the means of promotion and that too a very strong one because they are not film stars or stinking rich people but ordinary people due to which the common people get very easily swayed away by them, as a result, the bloggers have a very powerful impact on society at large.


In a country like India where more than seventy percent of the public is controlled by social media, the bloggers have made headway. The monthly income of the bloggers is in lakhs. All they do is pen down and record their day to day life in visual form to which the general public has a very strong impact. The people in today’s scenario, to get some time for themselves from the hustle and bustle of life, spend some time on social media especially Instagram and Face book, this is the main reason behind the expeditious growth of the bloggers in India. Not only in India but, the bloggers have flourished throughout the world in terms of finances as well in terms of fame.

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