How To Start a Blog For Free For Beginners

How to start a blog
(Last Updated On: May 13, 2018)

How To Create a Blog For Free and Make Money

Are you planning to start your own blog and make money? We are going to share a step-by-step guide on how to start a blog with all available bit of information which we feel is more than enough for a blogger who is just going to introduce with the blogging world.

Guide for beginners for online blogging

Now the question arises that why to start your own blog or website.

The main idea to start blogging is that it is a great way to express yourself in a unique way and help others with some problem you have overcome with your knowledge and experience, no doubt blogging is a great pastime and you can promote your business and nowadays there are plenty of ways by which you can easily earn money in form of passive income as well. So there is no doubt in starting your blog as a hobby and slowly this passion will convert it to a full-time profession.

Creating your own presence in the form of blog, forum or simple website is simple, fun and rewarding.

If you are new to blogging and decided to start your own website then it really helps you to get started on the right foot to showcase your talent to your targeted audience in the form of your readers.

In this tutorial, you are going to get all related stuff to begin with a fresh start. Here you are going to get a foolproof guide to starting a blog, without having a knowledge of HTML, CSS, and other coding techniques.

Choosing the right platform for blogging

Before starting a blog firstly you need a platform which is simple, secure and most importantly audience-friendly which means that a large pool of online users already has presence and access to it like in the case of WordPress. You can easily start your blog on WordPress platform.

Starting a blog for free

And if you are a newbie and don’t want to spend any initial investment at the start then you can go for for starting a blog for free. But if you are having some long-term goals with regard to interacting with the online audience offering content and other related posts to them which you learn from your personal experiences, making your online business presence to sell products and services or making some income from blogging than just go for paid website hosting plans and install WordPress as your CMS (Content Management System).

How to choose your Niche

After selecting a platform for publishing a blog, the next foremost step is to choose your topic to write better known as (Niche writing). Most of the people at their early stage of blogging commit a mistake of mixing various topics while writing for their blog. This strategy is good for a personal blog but if your goal is anything else then it is recommended to stick to the niche.

A niche can be anything based on your interest and likings for which you are confident enough to write and create quality content which can lure online audiences and search engines to refer your blog. The niche might be related to your hobbies.

For instance, if you love to do gardening as a hobby then you will write about the plantation and if you have a keen interest in photography then stick to photography niche.

Web Hosting and Domain        

Now you have decided your topic for writing your own stuff in the form of articles or posts for your targeted audience.

If you are starting your blog on BlogSpot, you don’t actually need a hosting account and your main goal is to get desired custom domain. If you are lucky enough you will get one of your choices like

And the other option is to buy your own hosting services with the mere expense of $5-$15, in this, you will get your branded domain name like with no extra suffix.

Always choose your very first domain name which is relevant, catchy and easy to remember domain name which is associated with your niche as well. It should represent and market your brand and the type of blog which you own.

Lastly please do bear in mind that not to use registered/trademarked words, phrases and sentences. This will plunge you into some sort of legal trouble which sometimes leads to serious consequences.

So, until now you have decided your blogging platform, niche and your desired domain name. Now if you are on the way to start yourself a WordPress blog, then it’s time to get a hosting.

Now the question arises in your mind is why and which hosting service to buy? Right.

We need hosting to host our files related to our website/blog. Hosting plays an important role to decide future of your blogging as far as the website uptime is concerned. A good hosting means better uptime for your website which leads to better loading of your blog on the World Wide Web (www). This will ultimately give you more traffic because everyone on the web is in dire need of a speed and a fast loading website is more often surfed by the online audience which gives you better click-through rate (CTR).

Some of the best WordPress hosting services that you can go for are as follows.

Selecting a design for your blog

The online marketing industry is an ever-changing field. If we want to survive and made our presence better with the time then we must have to opt for new strategic ideas. One is with regard to the selection of website/blog design to make it appealing and attractive. The blog is not like a book and it usually judges by its cover and then the content.

A good designed and fast loading blog has always attracted the audience and also good if we consider search engine guidelines on SERP ranking.

There are many websites providing premium theme with the nominal price but if you are a beginner and don’t want to invest at early then look for a cheap solution, you can get free WordPress themes templates.

Learn SEO to make searchable your blog on the internet

If you are just started a blog, then you may or may not heard of SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. As the name in itself is indicating that it is related to searchability of something on the web with having some set rules and guidelines which may be updated time to time to cope up with the changing technological trends.

In a simpler sense when we are in need of some services or searching something then we usually prefer search engines like Google search or Bing search to make our task easier by showing best possible results on the top of the web page by applying some set algorithms designed by search engines especially for making our web more outstanding. SEO is just to make a piece of content in form of words, images, videos and alike to be search engine friendly.

Writing your first post for blog

Till now you have all prepared for launching your WordPress blog and geared up with writing your piece of content in the form of an article. You can start with something which you know and is in your niche of writing. Don’t go with the crowd, if you are passionate enough to write for your targeted online audience then usually stick to your way of writing style because a number of readers always depends on the unique idea which an individual brings to his blog by the way of writing. And most importantly your content is king and try to make it more engaging by using images, links to other external useful resources and social media buttons to your business networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Ultimately the main goal of starting a blog is to get traffic to your website for free and nurturing it with the time and applying various techniques to grow it.

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