Organic Ways To Grow Your Instagram Account

How To Grow Your Instagram Organically
(Last Updated On: June 22, 2020)

Well, it’s quite natural to feel frustrated when you see a drop in your Instagram followers. So, the pressing priority right now is how to grow Instagram followers organically. Obviously, it’s not a matter of day to grow your Instagram account organically as it takes some hard work and dedication to do that.

Many people nowadays are resorting to some shady ways to boost their Instagram growth such as buying the followers or using bots to enhance engagement, these ways though sound tempting but are equally going to ruin your Instagram account such as Instagram shadowban. This is a kind of penalization given by Instagram to the account that is trying to use bots for bogus likes and comments.

Therefore, it’s highly crucial to grow and improve your account organically rather than adopting such immoral strategies.

Organic Instagram Growth Hack Techniques
Organic Instagram Growth Hacks

So let’s take an insight into some of the worthwhile organic Instagram growth strategies:

1. Develop meaningful and premium quality content:

The most initial step to growing your Instagram organically is to create the most relevant and quality content for your visitors. Yes, I know everybody is not blessed with design tactics but you can use a lot of tools and apps that would help you create engaging and attractive Instagram content such as Unfold or Canva. Using these apps will definitely highlight your brand and will make you noticeable online.

Another important aspect is to create remarkable Instagram stories that will take your account to the next level. For doing this, you don’t need to be a design expert, all you need to do is invest your time and rely on apps like Fastory that would actually increase your conversion rate.

2. Consistency is the key

The more consistent we are into something we are doing on a regular basis, there are more chances that we should make a mark in it.

To grow an Instagram account, you can’t put all your eggs in one basket and rely on one post to go viral. Just like blogging and Vlogging, we have to create content on a regular basis to engage our audience and also put search algorithms into a proactive mode to work accordingly.

Most posts won’t go viral, which directly means that you need to find a better way to get your posts in form of content, images, videos, boomerang, etc. in front of your intended audience.

3. Follow strategies that can engage your followers organically:

You must have created attractive visuals and stories however you are not getting the engagement as anticipated, and then there must be something that is blocking your way to success. This certainly means that you need to create content that is full of essence and zeal. Well, let’s have a look at some of the great ideas to grow your Instagram account and engage followers:

Instagram Stories are quite effective and impactful when it comes to engaging your followers. If you have your own website and a business account on Insta, you can embed the “swipe up” option to your story that would redirect the followers to your website, this will consequently enhance engagement and augment your conversion rate.

Growth Strategies for engaging followers organically
Growth Strategies For Instagram

Going live on Instagram is another answer to the most searched query on Google- how to grow Instagram followers organically for business?

Well, Instagram Live can engage your followers for a longer period of time, and seeing you live will have more impact on them rather than just scrolling through your feed. You can give product demos or interview people while you are live on Instagram, this will surely enhance the possibility of being recognized online.

Then there are IGTV videos nowadays that are doing great for influencers and businesses. You can use various movie-making apps that would help you create professional and eye-catching videos to get the attention of your followers.

Using relevant hashtags is also one of the crucial steps in making your account noticeable and popular. It is important that you use hashtags that are meaningful to the audience and your brand. Other than this, you can engage your followers by planning certain contests and giveaways which will definitely make your brand visible to more number of people.

4. Endorse your Instagram on other social media platforms:

Well, promoting your Instagram account on other channels is a surefire way to grow your Instagram followers organically. Social media channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, or Tumblr have great potential to attract a larger audience. For instance, you can craft a post on Facebook that depicts a competition you are organizing on your Instagram account; this will take your Facebook viewers to your Instagram account which will help you get more followers organically.

5. Resort to collaborations with other accounts:

Collaborating with Instagram accounts that may have the same target audience as yours is another effective way to grow your Instagram followers organically. Getting mentioned in other’s Instagram stories also proves fruitful in luring more followers to your account. You can plan to give shoutouts or boast content of each other in order to gain that extra spotlight.

Followers do consider your account attractive and authentic when someone else’s mentions your account’s credibility on their account. Therefore, it is the best way to grab more followers on your account.

6. Try to decode the Instagram algorithm:

It is vital to consider the Instagram algorithm that forms the basis of your Instagram account relevance. The algorithm ranks the posts that are more interesting and significant to the audience. Also, the posts which are from your friends and family are given more importance and are prioritized over other random ones. So, you need to keep your account up-to-date and fresh in order to engage more audience and comply with the Instagram algorithm.

Wrap Up With The Growth Technique:

So, in order to survive this hard-core Instagram competition and stay ahead of the curve, you need to follow the above given organic Instagram growth strategies which are definitely going to give you positive results gradually. Rather than getting tempted to corrupt tactics, you must focus on how to grow Instagram followers organically that would be helping you stand out from the crowd.

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