Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tips For Small Businesses to Reach Right audience

Tips to Market Your Business On Facebook
(Last Updated On: July 23, 2019)

We all are aware of the trending growth of social media in the fields of advertisement and promotion of any new launch in the market. There are many social media platforms which can be used by digital marketers like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and many more. But from all of these, FACEBOOK continues to be the ruling champ of social media sites.

Facebook could result in the best ever platform to advertise & promote products and services if we will create marketing strategies to reach the right audience. To get the right audience, one must clear about the target audience of its brand.

Facebook Marketing Tips For Businesses
Facebook Marketing Tips For Businesses

Let’s first understand what is a target or right audience –

Target audience is the group of people likely to be interested in your product or service.

Check this video for example –

As we have seen in the video the target audience of the company are the people who are facing hair damage problem. So, the company will try to target this specific group to get more positive results from the advertisement.

Getting to know and reach right or target customers are an important and necessary step for a successful Facebook advertising campaign. To cater to the requirements of our customers, it is absolutely important that we should target only those who are interested in our product. Now, we will discuss different tips to reach the right audience.

So, let’s start!

1. Know where your audience belongs to

Facebook allows us to target an audience based on the location.

Location targeting includes –

  • Country
  • State/Region
  • Countries
  • Age
  • Common Interests & Trends
  • Designated Market Areas
  • City
  • Postal Code
  • Specific Address Radius

It is very useful targeting options if your product or service is limited to any location as it provides more specific location targeting mentioned below –

  • Everyone in this location – This is the default option which shows the last updated location of the Facebook user.
  • People who live in this location – It includes the location which is stated on the Facebook profile and based on the device and internet connection (ISP – Internet service provider) used by the user.
  • People recently in this location–It will include people whose most recent location is within the selected area i.e. people who live or travelling there.
  • People travelling in this location – It will include people travelling in selected geographical areas that are at least 125 miles from their home location or so.

2. Know the demographics of your audience

Demographic targeting helps to reach people based on age groups, gender and language. We can also do detailed targetingunder which we can choose people according to their education, Financial status, Generation, Home, Life events, Parents, Work and Relationship status.

3. Who will like your product?

We must know which group of people will show interest in our product or service. If we know the interest of our audience, we can easily reach to the right audience. Facebook provides an option to reach the people based on their interest i.e.  Hobbies mentioned in their profile, pages liked by users, activities done by the user, apps used by them and many more.

4. Know how your audience behaves

It becomes easy to target people if we are aware of the behaviour of the audience like purchasing history, events they have liked or attended, which technology the user is using, how often they travel etc.

5. Use connections of your audience

Facebook provides options to reach to the people, who are specifically connected to the brand, event, page, app etc. you are promoting by saving the audience based on the likes on pages, installation of app or responses on the events created by the marketers.

6. Create a custom audience

The custom audience helps to retarget past visitors or people who are engaged, visitors. We can create a customised audience by using our existing customer data which includes email IDs or phone numbers. We can also add people based on website traffic and app activities.

  • Contact lists
  • We can target custom audience on Facebook by using data extracted from customer contact lists or CRM systems – such as phone numbers or email addresses – to connect with your customers by showing them Ad campaign of their interest and contacts on Facebook. Facebook will find connected accounts that match that data, but they don’t share who matched.

7. Create a Lookalike audience

With a lookalike audience list, we can reach to the people having similar interest to the existing customers. We can choose location and source i.e. based on what thing the customers should be added to the list.

8. Share images and videos

Try to upload content with which audience can relate and share with the people having the same interest. This will increase the reach of our product, service, the link shared and content.

9. Participation of the audience

Try to engage your audience with your content, product or service. Organise campaign or contest which involves audience participation with rewards. This would help the audience to get engage and encourage them to share our content.

  • Retaining site visitors by using (Facebook Pixel) – The other way to engage them is to retain the people coming to your website from any source whether organic, social link or direct. Install the Facebook pixel on your blog/website to create an audience of people who have visited it. You can even use trends & site traffic data to show people custom Ads for things that they have shown interest for in your website.

10. Do not sell directly

It is advisable to do not sell your brand directly. Try to run a campaign which got some connection with the brand and make a long-lasting impact. This will help the user to remind and relate to the situation at the time of conversions.

Hope you will like the discussed things and it will help you to reach the right audience by minimizing the chances of bounce rate and increases Ad campaign click-through rate.

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