Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins for SEO

Best SEO plugins list for WordPress
(Last Updated On: May 13, 2020)

The most important tool a business website can have at its disposal for boosting both traffic and conversion rates at the same time is SEO. This allows websites to organically appear higher in the search results page, which further boosts their trustworthiness to potential clients. Optimizing a website for Google used to require hiring an expensive SEO team, spend months planning strategies and waiting even longer to see results. However, with the bloom in content management systems such as WordPress, this has become a lot easier via plugins. While you should definitely hire professionals for your SEO, this is a great way to boost traffic when you’re just starting out. The WordPress SEO plugins mentioned here are all free and easy to add to your website.

Best SEO Plugins For WordPress To Boost Google Ranking
Best SEO Plugins For WordPress

Best Free SEO Plugin For WordPress 2020

1. All in One SEO

One of the key factors involved in making your SEO campaign a success is using things like meta tags, descriptions, sub-headings, etc. Proper use of these is what allows your website to get correctly indexed by search engines and allows you to gain one of the top spots in the search results.

The perfect plugin to assist you in setting the perfect meta tags, descriptions and titles is All in One SEO. It will allow you to easily edit and add new tags and descriptions on your website. This includes adding separate ones for the individual posts and pages of your website. This plugin has functioned as a fan favorite for several years and is also perfect for beginners.

2. Google XML Sitemaps

One of the key ways in which an SEO campaign becomes successful is by getting the website indexed by Google and other Search Engines. This helps their crawler bots reach your website much faster and give results to potential clients.

The perfect way to ensure that your website gets indexed is to use the Google XML Sitemaps plugin. This is one of the best free WordPress SEO Plugins which allows you to generate an entire sitemap and send it to Google with the click of a button.

3.SEO Smart Links

Another great SEO strategy is to interlink pages within your website. This has been found to have a major impact on search result rankings. Therefore, you can use this strategy to boost your rankings without much effort.

This can be done with the help of SEO Smart Links – a plugin that can automatically link certain words to other pages on your website. Besides SEO, it also helps a lot in making referencing easy for you.

4.SEO Content Control

One of the best WordPress SEO tips you can use is to make use of SEO Content Control. This plugin is a tool that reports all the weaknesses in your SEO campaign on WordPress. The plugin does a sweep of your entire website and finds weaknesses in the content, descriptions, meta tags, excerpts and even data about the author. Scrolling through the tool report shows you the exact location of the problem similar to a debugger in coding. This then makes it easy for you to fix the problem and bring your website to top SEO status.

5.SEO Friendly Image

Images play almost as big a role in your SEO campaign as content does. This means that with the use of proper alt tags and captions in the images, you will be able to boost your website’s rank in the results page.

With this handy plugin, you can never go wrong in finding the perfect alt tags and other image info. This also boosts your keyword density, so keep in mind to adjust accordingly in the content.

6.Broken Links

Broken links are tiny bugs in your SEO campaign caused by natural oversight, or by deleting interlinked pages. This can cause links on your webpage that lead to a ‘404’ or nothing. Search engines such as Google do not recommend websites with broken links at the top of their searches. This can severely impact your SEO rankings.

With Broken Links, you can find and remove all the broken links on your website in minutes.

7.Share Bar

Social media marketing may be a different strategy to boost conversions than SEO, but it is still one of the most important strategies and shares the border with the latter. This means that combining both at the same time can show dramatic results.

Share bar shows up with some social media sharing buttons which users can use to share your content with their friends and family on social media. This also helps in increasing your number of backlinks and thereby boosting your ranking.

8.SEO Slugs

SEO strategies can severely fail if your keywords are not placed correctly and naturally inside sentences. This is also true for when your meta tags and slugs have keywords with correct grammar which causes them to bulk up.

SEO Slugs is a great WordPress SEO plugin which allows you to remove all unrequired words from your slugs and permalinks. This includes articles, conjunctions, and prepositions among others. In turn, this process increases your keyword density and improves your SEO ranking by making link addresses shorter.

9. WP No-Follow Post

Often, websites loose page rankings when their interlinked web pages are surpassed by pages they are linked to. This happens when Search Engines pass on your page ranks to the link instead.

A NO-Follow is a request your WordPress plugin can send to tell Search Engines to not to so. This will increase your page rank and also help you to increase your overall website rankings.

10.WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast SEO Plugin For WordPress Websites & Blogs
Yoast SEO Plugin For WordPress Websites/Blogs

We have saved the best for last as this is one WordPress plugin which is loved by countless bloggers and website owners. It is very similar to All-in-one-SEO plugin in functionality but brings more to the tale with some more features such as XML Sitemaps, robots.txt files, etc.

Therefore, if you are looking for a plugin that can do it all, this is it.

Using the above free WordPress plugins is going to dramatically show your results and increase your rankings on the various prominent search engines. However, like all processes, this takes time and once you start to see success with it, we would suggest hiring an SEO firm in your locality to take the mantle further.

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