On-Page Optimization

Professional On-Page SEO Services in Punjab 

On the page, SEO is a technique to optimize your website by adding targeted keywords and drive more traffic to your site. This is the method to target keywords within a single post and it includes keyword placement, ensuring quality content, using proper heading tags, and make the post more significant to readers. The On-Page optimization company in Jalandhar follows a certain set of methods which include clean SEO tricks to rank a website higher on the search engine result pages. As Google takes into account the factors like social media signals such as SMM (Search Engine Marketing), page/domain authority, backlinks from authoritative websites, responsive design, and much more. So the On-Page optimization Company established in Punjab start focusing on such factors to effectively get organic internet traffic from that point forward.

Affordable On-Page SEO Services in Jalandhar

A web page that has been optimized for on-page SEO will fine-tune various elements of the webpage to ensure that the search engine crawlers will be crawling the website effectively. A targeted on-page SEO services campaign results in higher search engine results page (SERP) rankings along with much-needed visibility to boost online audience outreach by showing the website to the searchers for the type of search query they are looking for and also boost customer acquisition objectives.

Some Of The On-Page SEO Factors To Rank Your Website Organically

  • Start the title tag with keyword:

    The title tag tells the visitors that what the page on your website is all about. It is the prime entity of your webpage which gives the reader an idea of what the page is all about with key target to the rank The title tag which starts with keyword tends to perform far better than the title tag ends with the keyword.

  • Leave SEO friendly URL:

    To get your website on Google’s first page it’s essential to make your keyword short and user-friendly. If you are including your keyword in the URL, then it shows the other relevancy signal to Google.

  • Add modifiers to your title:

    The title tag is the most important element of the On-Page SEO. Using modifiers like best, featured, guide, expert, updated, 2021, etc. puts an impact on visitors to go through the post and helps to boost traffic on the particular page.

  • Wrap your title in the H1 tag:

By including the h1 tag in the heading shows the degree of importance on the page.

  • Wrap subheading in H2: HTML includes 6 heading tags from h1 to h6, which shows the importance of the title. The title with the h1 tag ranked by highest importance and is of larger font size and the title with h2 tag ranked the lowest importance than h1 and so on up to the h6.
  • Drop your keyword in the first 100 words:

    Write your keyword in the first 100 words or the first paragraph of the webpage to help the searchers to find the keyword easily.

  • Boost site speed:

    It is more helpful to get more traffic to your website because the high responsive sites visited more times than low speed due to their low bounce rate and more user interactions.

  • Sprinkle LSI keyword:

    The Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is the synonym of your original keyword and showed the best correlation with the Google ranking.

  • Image optimization:

    Use alt tag to optimize your image with proper image name mentioning your targeted keyword. This is used to describe the image to search engine bots as they do not understand visual appearances.

  • Use social sharing buttons:

    On sharing awesome content on social sharing sites one of the influencing factors is to crafting quality articles, blogs, and posts to the higher rank of search result pages with up to 1000 to 2500 words. Because optimized quality lengthy posts tend to grab more limelight than shorter posts.

  • Post long content:

    If users in India spend more time reading the long content. This increases the stay time and helps to get on the first page of SERP with a repetitive user rate.